Nancy Lazarus and Meg Rosecrans set out together to find a way to bring Achalasia into the collective conscience. Simply, most people and too many doctors don't know what it is.

We are constantly monitoring for new information and will post additional and relevant articles as we find them.
Victoria Richardson from New Zealand, decided to have a morning tea at work every Friday in September to hopefully raise awareness and donations. A lot of her clients agreed to let her have our brochures at their receptions!

Stuart McCormick of England, rode his bike in the US Route 66 race while raising $350 for AAO's continuing efforts to raise awareness!!You can congratulate him on a job well done on our Facebook page post!

Michelle Green Delucca
ran the NYC Marathon, again! Her motivation to keep running, to not let Achalasia define her life! We hope she will be joining Medical Advisor Homero Rivas of Stanford University in putting together the first Stanford/AAO running team for this years marathon in November. Michelle is an amazing inspiration!If you'd like to join the team, please contact us and we will get you information.

Jenine Wright had her 3rd Achalasia Awareness Walk in Canada and was featured in her local paper! Please congratulate her for her amazing efforts to raise awareness. Incredible job Jenine!

Laura Cochran Cavanaugh
found our website and "It motivated me to reach out to some members of my community......I will be getting interviewed by a local news anchor about the disease in hopes to raise awareness in my community and everywhere". Congratulations Laura!

Amanda Ladell of Sister Organization "The London Achalasia Meetup Group" can be contacted at for information. You can find their website and meeting listings here:

Stephanie Marie posted a wonderful video on YouTube. TY for "Getting The Word Out".

Katie Hrad In conjunction with Palantine High School and Northwestern University Memorial Foundation's Dr. John Pandolfino organized a 5K Run on September 12th.

Sue Daniels was on a radio show and had an article published in her local paper about Achalasia Awareness Month. Sue contacted all of her local radio and television stations and newspapers until not just one but two of them offered to help Sue raise awareness.

Pia Inez Abidgaard hosted a patient day with speakers from Denmark and Germany which will promote awareness.

Lindsey Bussell Walker suggested a food drive for those who can't afford to eat while highlighting those who can't eat. Not only a great and creative idea but a way to help out another sector of the community!

Nikki Dillon made Achalasia Awareness Ribbons for herself and co-workers to spread the word.


What Our Members Are Doing To Raise Awareness

Tell us what you are doing so we may feature you here and help others with ideas they can do too!

Achalasia is a rare, incurable and progressive autoimmune esophageal motility disease with only palliative treatment. Achalasia sufferers have damage to the nerves of the esophagus which makes swallowing and the passing of food and liquid into the stomach extremely difficult. It is of unknown etiology. Believed to have a genetic predisposition, with an autoimmune component and a viral trigger, approximately 1 in 100,000 are diagnosed annually. Prevalence (existing cases) and incidence (newly diagnosed cases) varies greatly per country. According to recent studies, rates of incidence seem to be rising. However the question remains whether this is due to raised awareness or other environmental factors.

Within the diagnosis of Achalasia there are three types, l, ll and lll, which compounds its complexity. To add to the frustration of this disease, most doctors will never see a case of it in their entire careers. Thus it is most often misdiagnosed causing years of pain and struggle. There is a desperate need for research and awareness to bring this disease to the public and in turn to medical personnel so that those with Achalasia can procure timely diagnosis and treatment.

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